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Hancock Lyrics Hancock is the new rap song sung in the bold voice of singer Dino James . The additional vocals of this song is given by Girish Nakod & Kapila Kaishing . The lyrics and composition of this song is done by singer Dino James himself . The music of this Hancock song is produced by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel) and video is directed by Himanshu Tyagi . This Hancock song is released by official youtube channel of Dino James . Here you can watch full video and lyrics of Hancock by Dino James song.

Song Title – Hancock
Singer/Rapper – Dino James
Lyrics & Composed By – Dino James
Additional Vocals By – Girish Nakod & Kapila Kaishing
Music Produced By – Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel)
Editor – Yash Pania and Himanshu Tyagi
Video Directed By – Himanshu Tyagi
Music Label – Dino James Official Youtube Channel

Hancock Lyrics – Dino James

Yeh Wo Thha Daurr,
Jab Jine Ki Chodd Di,
Thhi Sarri Hope‘s,
Pareeshan Main Rahne Lagga Thha,
Vajjah Thhi Goopth…….

Kissi Se Baat Nahin Karta,
Rahta Thha Ikk Dum-Choop,
Dad Bhi Dekkh Ke,
Darnein Laggey Mera Aysa Ruup…..

Koyi Toh Andherein Mein,
Dekha Mujjhey Umeedon Kaa Torch,
Koyi Toh Samjjhe Mujjhey,
Karrey Mujjhey Thorra Toh Support…..

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